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MACPOWER DigiDoc 5 (8 senzorů) - provedení ve stříbrné barvě

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MACPOWER DigiDoc 5 (8 senzorů) - provedení ve stříbrné barvě

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Popis produktu

Monitorovací systém s hlídáním teploty a funkčnosti ventilátorů - 8 čidel - ideální pro techniky, servery, náročné stanice či oveclocking
You can now simultaneously gauge the temperature, monitor voltage, and monitor the fans of up to eight different system devices with Macpowers new DigitalDoc5 series system monitor. These units safeguard your system from overheating and protect you from losing valuable data or hardware.

New! Support for Hi-Performance 120MM fans: The new DigitalDoc5 now supports 60 MM to 120MM Hi-Performance fans. Up to 12 Watts or 1000mA!

Scan all temperatures and RPM speeds continuously: The new DigitalDoc5 can be set to scan all available temperature channels and RPM speeds continuously. Good for keeping an eye on an important heat source during heavy usage.

Especially suitable for DIY applications, Gamers, Overclockers and PC Enthusiasts, the DigitalDoc5 can be used with RAID towers, servers, Industrial PCs, and personal computers.

Monitoring temperature range: 0-100 degrees C (32-212 F). User can adjust the set-point value. If the temperature reaches the set-point, the fan for that channel is automatically activated; after the fan has been turned on, if the temperature continues to rise (an additional 5 degrees C), the unit will issue a warning signal.

Monitors both +5 and +12 VDC power sources; the power tolerance warning can be set to any of four values: 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20%.

No batteries required; connects directly to your equipments +12 VDC power source.

LCD back-lighting function convenient for diagnostic work and for adjusting the settings. Back-lighting function can be set to always be on, or to just be on when in use, reducing electricity use and environmental energy needs.

Uses EEPROM memory chip to save all settings. When equipment is turned on, there is no need to re-enter settings.

Unit easily installs in any 5.25 opening; takes up almost no space.

All connected fans can be activated when the power is turned on, or only a portion of them. This reduces energy consumption and creates a quieter work environment.

Comes with override fan control function. User can turn on fan at any time with the FORCE function, without having to wait for the temperature to rise.

Facilitates objective scientific analysis or MIS investigation; quickly clarifies problem source in equipment or system.

The DigitalDoc5 temperature sensor acts as early warning system by checking temperature levels every 40 seconds. Any computer device that generates even modest heat has the capacity to overheat without warning and destroy valuable data or hardware. Temperatures are displayed on a front-panel readout so you know the exact temperature of any device in your system at all times.

Should any device begin to overheat, the DigitalDoc5 activates up to eight cooling fans, immediately bringing the system temperatures down and at the same time alerting you by lighting the WARNING - TOO HI LED displays and sounding a continuous beeper, all in time for you to take preventative action to avoid loss.

Should a fan in any device fail, dangerously high temperatures can develop rapidly. The DigitalDocs fan monitor tracks each fans rpm signal. If the fan begins to die, this warning system gives you time to replace it before damage occurs.


Raid Towers
High End PCs
External Cases
High-capacity HDD Enclosures
Anyone who uses even one of these devices will benefit by adding a DigitalDoc3® temperature sensor, fan & voltage monitor. From integrators to end-users, everyone has the need for this product.

General Features

5V+ 12V monitoring function +/- 5% tolerance level
Compatible with two-pin or three-pin fans (supports RMP monitoring function for three-pin fan)
Temperature range 0-99 degrees C
Can support up to 8 sensors
Backlight function
Real-time scan function monitoring
Installs quickly into any 5.25 slot (takes up no extra space by replacing the 5.25 panel)
All channels can be programmed separately, temperature levels easy to program
Sensor reads unit temperatures every 5 seconds (complete cycle every 40 seconds)
Battery-free, E2 PROM technology keeps memory settings protected
Optional use of continuous fan operation or power-saving standby mode.

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