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Kód zboží: PAKACS4001R2 (ACS4001A-R2)
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Extend high resolution DVI video plus USB up to 140 meters away from your PC.

Superior digital video at 1920 x 1200 over 140m.
Options for single/dual & quad video and USB 2.0 peripherals .
DDC emulation or DDC read from monitor supported .
Compatible with all O/Ss and many KVM switches .
19" rack mount and Din rail mounting kits available.

Now you can have KVM control with high resolution digital graphics wherever you need it! The CATx DVI-D KVM Extenders for USB enable you to extend DVI-D single-, dual or quad-head video as well as USB keyboard and mouse at resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 at 60Hz. The new R2- models include video compression for even higher performance plus 16 or optional 24-bit colour depth support. Extend video up to 140 metres using economical CATx cable. Local Monitoring Every extender will provide you with a connection for a local display. To connect a local keyboard and mouse, the PC's operating system must support multiple keyboards and mice, and USB.

The DVI-D KVM Extenders support the USB HID interface to extend standard USB keyboards and mice as well as some more feature rich USB HID based peripherals like touch screens or several Logitech keyboards and mice. The ACS4004A-R2 as well as ACS4204A-R2 allow you to attach further HID devices with extended functions. These models feature a second programmable HID interface to support also special touch screens or Yokogawa keyboards and others.

Transparent USB 2.0
The DVD-D KVM Extenders are optionally available with transparent USB 2.0 transfer supporting 400/480Mbps. Use these models to expand your system with up to four USB 2.0 devices like scanners, hard disks, memory sticks, printers or others at the remote end of your system.

RS232/V.24 and stereo Audio
The options with serial and audio transmit these data along with the video signals. With audio support you may transmit acoustic alarms from your server or music in CD quality. As it is bi-directional audio support, you may also attach a microphone to send audio back to your workstation. The transparent RS232/V.24 transmission (6 wires) with up to 19.2Kbps allows you to connect touch screens, graphic tablets as well as other serial equipment to your system. The dual/quad head versions only support RS-232 transfers of RX, TX, SGnd, but no handshake signals.

Multiple Video Heads
The DVI-D KVM Extenders are available in Single-, Dual- or Quad-Head versions. Choose the dual video or quad head versions when you have multi-video applications: you will save both space and money.

19" and DIN-rail mounting options
These extenders are also ideal for 19" rack mounting. The optional 19" rack mount kits take up to four transmitters in only 1U. Instead of powering each unit with the included power supply, you may also equip the kit with up to three units plus one power supply ACS2009A-PS (powers up to four units). In industrial applications the extender units except for the Quad Video modeks may also be mounted to DIN rails using the optional rackmount kit DRMVACU-S

Whichever model is right for your application, you can be sure that our highly effective compression algorithm will deliver great quality graphics with smooth picture movement. The extenders can be used in a variety of applications: - Digital Signage - touch screens - POS - industry - food production or even - airports. It can also be used for applications where you need to separate your computer from your user station but still need perfect video quality.

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Výrobce: AVOCENT
P/N: ACS4001A-R2
Záruka: 12 (os.24)

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